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THE CARPET CLEANER SYSTEM consists of easy-to-use brushing machines and special cleaning compounds and products developed for effective cleaning of your carpets, rugs and Persians. The heart of the system is the Carpet Cleaner compound, consisting of renewable natural (organic) materials:


The Carpet Cleaner brushing machines brush the compound through the carpet, absorbing the dirt like a sponge as well as restoring the carpet pile. The soiled compound is then simply vacuumed away.

The Carpet Cleaner product consists of ingredients of highest quality whilst giving highest attention on environmental care, effectiveness and efficiency of performance.

This gentle yet effective scrubber will remove your tough stains with ease without harming the quality of your carpets.

Our Exclusive Six Step Process

• VACUUMING: We vacuum before getting started. Vacuuming is a very important part
   of our system.
• STAIN & SPOT REMOVAL: We use our own non-detergent product.
• PRE-CLEANING: Pre-Mist (liquid) is applied to soiled areas.
• CARPET CLEANER: Is distributed on the carpet.
• CARPET CLEANING: Carpet Cleaning machines have dual counter rotating brushes
   that move vertically through carpet pile, lifting as they clean. The cleaning powder
   absorbs, traps and removes soil, leaving carpet clean, dry and ready to use immediately!
   Our system employs physical contact vs. water saturation.
• VACUUMING/EXTRACTION: This is the final step. Residential appointments usually take
   1.5 to 3.5 hours.

Carpet Cleaning Compound

• 100% Natural
• Triple Filtered – No Residues
• Biodegradable Ingredients
• Organic & Natural
• Balanced Blend, Safe To Use
• Encapsulation Booster For Medium To Heavily Soiled Areas
• Ideal For Traffic Lane & Partial Cleaning
• No Soap, No Water, No Shampoo
• Fast & Complete Removal From The Carpet
• No Drying Time – Immediate Carpet Use
• Leaves A Clean, Hygenic Carpet And A Fresh Pleasant Smell
• 15+ Years Of Experience

Furniture moving

Items that we DO move: Couches, oversized chairs, coffee tables and dinning room table chairs.
Items that we DON’T move: Entertainment consoles, electronics, china hutches, dressers and pianos.