All Dri


All-Dri Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning is owner managed and supervised so you can trust us with your most valuable carpets and furniture.

Whether it’s your office or home, you can trust us with your valuables and breakables and we specialise in the cleaning of Persian carpets and natural fibre carpets and upholstery, where water cannot be used.


The safest, healthiest and most efficient
stain removal and anti-bacterial cleaning system


• Pet stains and odours
• Bacteria and fungi
• Fleas, flea eggs and house and dust mites
• Water and damp stains

Health Benefits:

• Kills ALL fleas, flea eggs and house and dust mites
• Independent tests show a dramatic reduction in asthma and other allergies owing to the eradication of house and dust mites, bacteria and fungi
• Dry fabric cleaning means no moisture residue, therefore no bacterial or fungal growth
• Non-toxic, environmental and pet friendly

No Water Means:

• Immediate use
• No damp smells
• Fabric friendly (use of water damages natural fibres)
• Healthier (lack of water inhibits bacteria growth)
• Excellent for wool and sisal carpets